St. David’s PS and the community it serves

Saint David’s Primary School and the Community it Serves

St. David’s is situated on the south side of Dalkeith in Kippielaw Playing Fields.  It is a one-stream co-educational Roman Catholic Primary School for children of primary school age with a catchment area that includes not only Dalkeith but also Eskbank, King’s Lines, Danderhall, Pathhead and surrounding areas.

Pupils are accommodated in a purpose-built, semi open-plan school.  The building contains seven class bases, wet areas, a general-purpose room, school hall and Library and outdoor learning areas with extensive school grounds utilised for both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

There is, at present, nine teachers, including: Head Teacher, Mr Currie; Principal Teacher, Miss Chidgey, Support for Learning teacher, Mrs Lumbard and visiting teachers of physical education, music and French as well as instructors of brass and violin and an English as an Additional Language (EAL) Assistant.

The school also employs the support of an administrative assistant, four Learning Assistants, breakfast club and dining room supervisors, playground supervisors and site supervisor. Cleaning and catering are contracted to the region’s in-house’ service organisations. A crossing patrolperson operates at the entrance to the school on Lauder Road and there are various other crossing patrol points which serve the school along Lauder Road.

St. David’s has an extensive programme of support and extra-curricular activity before school, during lunchtime break and after school through, for example, morning Breakfast Club and activities such as football, rugby, basketball, gardening club, Masterchef and ‘Street’ and Hip-Hop Dance to name a few.

We have an excellent working partnership with St. David’s High School, St. David’s Parish, Dalkeith, and the Archdiocese of St. Andrew’s and Edinburgh and often work alongside other local religious organisations and other major world faiths in the Midlothian and Edinburgh areas.  Respect and tolerance and the celebration of diversity are integral to our schools’ visions, values and aims.



Respectful Robert Tokens


The Rights Respecting Schools Team have started a new whole school points system. Every member of staff have been given Respectful Robert Tokens that can be handed out to children who are meeting the weekly challenge. The class with the most tolkens at the end of the week gets a certificate and the class with the most wins at the end of the term will get a class treat.Rights Respecting School assembly

Our Learning

This term Primary 5 will be learning about Our Body, Food and Fitness. As a class we have been planning our learning to build on what we already know. Through our Interdisciplinary topic we will be developing our skills in Science, Religious and Moral Education, Health and Well Being, Technologies and Literacy and applying these skills across the curriculum. We will be developing our fitness through daily P.E lessons and learning about how we can sustain exercise through our lives. We will be learning about healthy eating and how we can build and cook healthy meals. We are also going to plant and grow our own vegetables! We will be learning about our bodies and the impact that our lifestyle can have on our body and how our body changes as we grow. We have planned a trip to Dalkeith Country Park to learn more out where our food comes from at the Food and Farming Event.

We will be learning how to use Higher Order Thinking Skills through our class Novel ‘The Butterfly Lion’. We will be learning to recognise, answer and create our own lower and higher order thinking questions. We will be developing our individual reading skills through Bug Club which we can access on any electronic device!

In Numeracy and Maths we will be consolidating our mental strategies for the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be learning the formal written strategies and applying these strategies to help us solve different problems. In Maths we will be learning about Time, Shape and Measure and applying these skills in a real life context.

We are very excited for our final term in Primary 5 and preparing ourselves for the transition into Primary 6! We will keep you up to date on our learning journey so check back soon!!

P7 Summer Learning

Primary Seven have lots of fantastic and exciting things to look forward to this term! As it is our last term of primary school, we want to make it as special and memorable as possible!

We have an amazing trip to London planned at the beginning of June so we will get the chance to explore the famous sights like Big Ben and the London Eye, get a taste of London culture and even see some West End shows! Many of us are really looking forward to going to Harry Potter Studios! We are really excited to have this opportunity and can’t wait to make some super special memories.

Harry Potter Studios here we come!

Harry Potter Studios here we come!

We also have our long-awaited transition days at our high schools coming up. We will get the chance to meet some of our new classmates and build some new friendships, get to know the school and the teachers a bit better and we will be getting used to following timetables to get to our lessons. We are looking forward to this experience as we feel it will help us to feel more prepared for our move into secondary school.

We are really enjoying our learning so far this term too:

In Maths, we have been focusing on ‘Measurement’. We can now find the areas and perimeters of simple and compound shapes and have been applying this learning to real life problems. We have also revised telling the time and reading analogue and digital clocks. Our next step in measurement is to read and interpret timetables in order to help to prepare us for reading timetables when we go to High School. 

In Literacy, we have been focusing on developing our use of openers in our writing and learning to write simple, compound and complex sentences. Our next step is to improve the punctuation that we use across a range of writing genres.

We have been using Bug Club to help improve our reading comprehension. We get assigned different genres of texts regularly and have the opportunity to answer questions about the texts and develop our higher order thinking skills too. Bug Club is great because we can also use it at home to really challenge ourselves and make extra progress. Our next step in reading is to develop our own questioning skills using Bloom’s Taxonomy to challenge our own and our peers’ thinking. 

First Holy Communion

Sacramental ClassPrimary 4 have already successfully prepared for and received the Sacrament of Confirmation earlier this year. Arch Bishop Leo Cushley celebrated the Sacrament in St. David’s Roman Catholic Church alongside Monsignor Chambers. We are now learning about the life of Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us. This is in preparation for the class making their First Holy Communion in June this year. We ask that you keep all the Sacramental pupils in your prayers as they continue on this spiritual journey.



Primary 4 have been learning all about the weather in French. This term they will use their language skills to create a weather podcast that will be available on twitter each week. They have to identify the correct language to describe the date, area and weather for each podcast.

French Weather


Rock CandyThrough our Science topic we have been learning about different substances and materials and investigating how they can change from solid to liquid to gas. We will be discovering how some substances dissolve and learning about how crystals form through making our very own rock candy.


Primary One’s Learning

Growing Up

This term Primary One will be learning about Growing Up. We have been discussing what we would like to be when we grow up and how the skills we learn in school will help us to achieve this. Primary One have looked at the milestones in our lives, working cooperatively to compare and record the differences. We have linked our topic to our learning in Science where we developed our understanding of the human life cycle. Primary One are also looking at the development of our skeleton and the ways in which our muscles work and how this changes during our lives. We have enjoyed locating the different type of joints in our bodies and how these work to help us move, comparing the movement to different points in the human life cycle. Our next step is to transfer our learning of the human life cycle and apply it into learning about the life cycle of different animals.


Primary One will be developing their literacy skills even further this term. We will be working with our Primary Five Reading Buddies to develop our questioning skills and fluency in reading, we will be using an online interactive resource to help us develop our comprehension skills as well as continuing to work effectively in class in our literacy stations. This term our focus in writing is on our use of connectives to develop our sentences . Primary One will also have opportunity to self and peer assess the correct use of punctuation in their writing. We are furthering our spelling and blending skills by looking at and applying different spelling rules.

James and The Giant Peach

James 1James 2James 3Our book study this term is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Pupils have been learning to read for information in order to describe the setting and atmosphere. We have used the information to create accurate characters using recycled materials. This term they will continue to read for understanding and learn to justify their opinions using evidence.