Food and farming

Primary 5 & Primary 3 went to Dalkeith country park Tuesday the 25 of May 2015 they went to learn about were their food comes from.

They were learning about the cow and how to milk a cow the farmers used to milk there cows on there own but now we have these machines to do the job better and faster. The average cow has at least four stomachs.
They were learning about different kinds of sheep, a female sheep is called a ewe and a male is called a ram.

They learned about what wheat and oat and barley make well wheat can make bread and cereal oat can make oat cakes and porridge barley can make whiskey.
There are all sorts of cows, they are called Holystien cows and a jersey cows and last but not least a Ayrshire cows. The farmers had to milk there cows themselves but now we have these machines to do it for the farmers now a days.

Sheep what kind of sheep are there? There are merino and dorper.

Here is how to shear a sheep  1 you remove the wool 2 you throw the fleece onto a wooden table 3 skirt roll and class the fleece.

Wheat oat and barley
Wheat is used for bread and cearel oat is used for oat cakes and porridge and last but not least barley is used to make whiskey.

There best station was the sheep because they liked the horns
They wouldn’t change there learning
There next step is to listen a bit more

Reported by Hollie (P5) and Jamie (P3)