Food and Farmmg Event

Primary 3/5 Visit to Dalkeith Country Park Tuesday 26th May

When primary 3/5 went to the country park in Dalkeith they saw dairy cows, sheep, different types of wool, different types of tree seeds and different types of saplings. They got told you can milk a Sheep. They got told that if a sheep is having one lamb and another is having three one lambs will get taken off the one who is having three and given
to the one that is only having one of them. Then both of the ewes will have two lambs. All of the sheep have very oily coats. In the olden days sheep used to get shaved by a big pair of shears that will chop off their big furry coats that they grow in the summer . Sheep don’t shed in the summer they have to get there coats chopped off so they don’t
get to warm. The sheep also get taken to the butchers once the farmers have fattened them up.

Dairy cows

When they got to the dairy cows they all learned that dairy cows have four stomachs and most of there diet is grass and in the winter there is silage for the cows to eat which is just basically grass that they have gathered from the summer months and stored. Also when you milk a cow you have to be very gentle because the cow will tense and no milk will come out. The cow has a big udder at the back which keeps the milk warm and also carries it inside the cow there is big lines that goes round the udder they are veins that the blood flows through. If there is no calf there is no milk from the cow . You have to kill all of the bacteria and germs other wise you will get ill if you drink the milk.image

When they got to the forestry station they learned that cutting down a tree is very dangerous if you don’t know how to do it. They also learned that squirrels are bad for the trees because they wreck the bark. Once you cut down a tree you need to plant another one. They also learned about loads of different types of trees and animals along with the leaves. They also learned that you only cut down the trees that have the pink or coloured dots on them they only cut down the trees to let light into the forest floor so that the saplings can grow into big trees.

The sheep was our favourite station out of them because it was the most interesting.

We learned that forestry is actually more complicated than you think!!

We thought that they could have had a pig station because it would very interesting and fun.

We think that the classes could have been better at listening because we were really chatty.

Reported by
Miai and Jake