P5 and P3 Farm Day at Dalkeith Country Park

It was a exceptional day out in Dalkeith. P5 and P3 went to Dalkeith country park to a farming and food event. They were divided into groups of 3 one with Miss Chidgey, Miss Kelly and Miss Cornwall.

They learned about the different sheep breeds the male is called a runt. They learned about the different wools that are of sheep . They then learned about the different foods that grow in Scotland. They learned that barley is used to make  whiskey.

They learned about how many seeds a tractor can hold 100.000 seeds.

They learned how to milk a cow.

 They went on a tractor.

They had a food taster were they had to try different foods . They learned about the sheep males and females .

What farmers can provide that is good

Dairy milk , wool flooring ,

Matrices bedding , fruit and veg

Strawberry ,peas , carrots

 Oranges , apples , potatoes broccoli , collie flower , pares, wheat , cabbage and other veg and fruits .

  They learned about farming to encourage them to eat healthy food and to build  on there learning of forestry and farming and to help them on their topic. I would add in a station about how to grow fruit and veg. There next steps could be that they could download apps on their iPads or watch a farming video on the smart board.

Thank you to the staff and teachers and thanks for having us Dalkeith country park!