Primary 3 and 5 food and farming event

Food and farming event

On the 26th of may 2015 primary 5 and primary 3 from St davids primary school went to the food and farming event in Dalkeith country park.

Sheep & wool
To cut a sheep’s wool you need to use sheers
To cut the wool. There are tons of different kinds of breeds. The two main sheeps primary 5 and primary 3 learned about were the texel and Suffolk and they also learned that a female sheep is called a ewe and a male sheep is called a ram.

Dairy station
To get milk you have to milk a dairy cow because it give you the most milk.
Another fact about cow is of you pull the udders to hard then the cow can get angry or attack. And farmers clean the udders from the back of the cow.
How to make butter
You put cream in a plastic tub and the cream starts to form into butter. There also might be some milk in the tub. If you keep shaking the tub for ten minutes then you would have butter!!

Wheat oats and barley
To make flour you have to cut off the top the wheat and crush it.
The other way of doing it is cutting the top of the wheat and pick the wheat out of a bit of the stem kind of thing and then crush the wheat.
You can make porridge out of oats and you can make cake out of oats. You can also make beer out of barley and whiskey.

Reported by Taylor and Ellie