Pupil Council

At St David’s, we value ideas and input from pupils on a range of important issues to make the school environment more stimulating, safe and enjoyable and challenging for all. Listening to the “pupil voice” is therefore a priority for every class as well as at a whole school level.

The pupil council is an important part of this pupil voice. The pupil council is made up of two representatives from every class. The children are elected by their peers. Firstly, they apply for the position and are then required to present to the class to demonstrate and share the skills and attributes that will make them the best candidate to respresent the views of the class and help to improve our school.

The aim of the Pupil Council is to enable pupils to become partners in their own education, and make a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos as well as the learning experiences of all children in our school.

This is an extremely improtant role in improving our school through listening to the voice and opinions, ideas and suggestions of our pupils and acting positively on this!

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