Expansion Plans

There are a number of planned developments and changes to the current building. This will provide greater flexibility and space for our ever growing school community.


Phase 1: The addition of three classrooms sited in the upper playground (currently where blue container sits) will house P5, P6 and P7. Portakabin and Midlothian Council will commence work on the site in August with an anticipated completion date in late September. Primary 5 to 7 pupils will continue to access all aspects of the current building and interact and mix with their younger peers throughout the school day. They will continue to use all communal spaces within the school including the gym hall, library, support for learning classrooms and Hub. The new classrooms will include internet access, high quality furnishings and new toilets.


Phase 2: A courtyard area will be landscaped and developed between the current building and new P5-7 classrooms. This will be designed in partnership with parents and pupils and create a natural flow between both spaces. Pupils will access the main building through a secure door (current glass doors in library) and the courtyard will be enclosed with the addition of a fence/ gate. This will provide an outdoor classroom and rich environment for play based learning within our current playground provision.


Phase 3: Following P5, P6 and P7’s move into the new classrooms, work will commence on the nursery. The nursery will be housed within the current building (P1 and P2 classrooms) providing 32 placements for three and four year olds. This work is scheduled to commence in October 18 with an anticipated completion date of February 19. This will include a range of structural work which includes the addition of: a separate entrance by the current main entrance, glass panels and doors to the front side of the building and a secure, enclosed garden. Please be assured that this area will be securely closed off from the rest of the building with the addition of a secure door and wall being fitted in the current cloakroom and wet area outside P1 classroom. To minimise disruption for pupils significant building work will be completed, where possible, outwith the school day.   


Details of the proposed plans can be found on the Parent Council noticeboard (beside Disabled Toilet) in the school. DRAFT formats can also be found by clicking on the below links. 

modular unit location-1mwx5qo

nursery draft layout-2k1395r

Classroom Org Aug 2018-1l4q1dc

A robust plan is being coordinated to ensure a smooth transition for pupils into their new classrooms. Please be assured we will prepare the children as best we can to manage these changes and minimise any disruption to learning. All classes will participate in a school wide project on ‘Our Community’ in Term 1 (August to October) to support this work. All classes will also complete a planned programme of work focusing on safety around building sites/ construction areas.


We are well prepared for the above changes and are excited about the transformations this new layout will afford to each and every class. These spaces will improve current learning environments as we continue to support your child to learn and grown.