Class Plans

What is the curriculum?

Curriculum for Excellence is Scotland’s curriculum for children and young people aged 3-18.
It’s an approach designed to provide young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need for learning, life and work in the 21st century.

It aims to enable every child or young person to be a:

  • Successful learner (Resourceful Rebecca)
  • Confident individual (Resilient Rab)
  • Responsible citizen (Reflective Roxy)
  • Effective contributor (Relationship Maxi).

Our children are given regular opportunities to develop the skills and attributes of the above capacities with the support of our school Learning Powers.


The curriculum is broken down into eight curricular areas with experiences and outcomes being broken down into subject organisers. This allows staff to skillfully plan for a balanced, coherent curriculum. You can view how the learning is set out for each class in the below Long Term Overviews. This will give you a sense of the themes of learning across the school year. 

You can read more about Curriculum for Excellence and how the curriculum is set out at ParentZone Scotland:


  • demonstrate how each area of the curriculum will be covered across the academic year, chunked into blocks
  • is informed by the transition information from the previous session
  • contains subject organisers from each curricular area, without any detail of learning intentions or specific activities 

 (you can find out more about subject organisers and curricular areas through Education Scotland 

Please click on links below to view overviews for each class. 

P1 Year Overview 2023-24

P2 Year Overview 2023-24

P3 Year Overview 2023-24

P4 Year Overview 2023-24

P5 Year Overview 2023-24

P6 Year Overview 2023-24

P7 Year Overview 2023-24