Pupils from P6 and P7 have formed a Pupil Participation Group to investigate the impact of attendance and lateness on learning

Our teaching staff investigated this in greater detail last session and were surprised by some of the research findings from a study carried out in East Lothian. Please click on the hyperlinks to see some information leaflets they have produced. Attendance Leaflet Sample  Attendance Leaflet Sample 2  Attendance Leaflet Sample 3 

Excellent attendance at school is important to allow your child to fulfil their potential and for them to have the best possible start in lifeBelow are just some of the key reasons why it is so important children attend school:
• to learn
• to have fun and make new friends
• to understand responsibility
• to experience new things in life
• to develop awareness of other cultures, religions, ethnicity and gender difference
• to achieve
• to gain qualifications
• to develop new skills
• to build confidence and self-esteem
• to grow as individuals! 


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