At St David’s we expect and enable our children to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. We provide regular, planned opportunities for the children to develop their readiness for learning and regularly ask the children to reflect on their progress and create achievable next steps to work towards.


Readiness for Learning




is on time and ready for learning shows care and respect for others and own property follows the rules and expectations of the school
can talk about learning shows care and consideration towards others makes good choices
shares details of learning and next steps using SeeSaw works well with a partner/ small group reports any problems to an adult
is well prepared for learning with the necessary items e.g. gym kit uses appropriate language and tone keeps hands, feet, objects and inappropriate comments to self
listens carefully and follows instructions demonstrates a positive attitude understands safe and unsafe choices
has a positive attitude towards learning and gives his/ her best acts as a positive role model for our school community treats others fairly



All staff in St David’s believe that all children are entitled to an education of the highest quality which is relevant and challenging; set in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. We aim to promote positive behaviour and early intervention.

We will promote the highest levels of citizenship so that the children can go forward with an independent joy of learning and team working skills which will serve them for life. We believe a whole school positive behaviour management approach is essential for effective teaching and learning.

At St David’s, our aim is to create a learning community where:

  • everyone has the right to learn and work in a safe environment and be treated fairly and with respect
  • everyone is responsible for supporting the rights of others and ourselves
  • we create a climate where everyone can learn and achieve
  • some rewards and sanctions are used to help us to take responsibility for our mistakes and support us to make the right choices in future
  • everyone is collectively responsible for building confidence among children to show empathy and understanding
  • we have clear and agreed methods of reporting and responding to incidents of behaviour both positive and negative.