We expect all pupils to wear full school uniform. Wearing uniform is a badge of pride and shows the identity of our school. We are proud to be recognised as a school in the local community. Please therefore ensure your child is appropriately dressed for school in full uniform including shirt and school tie.


Uniform consists of:

  • white shirt and striped school tie
  • black trousers/skirt
  • black shoes
  • maroon jumper or cardigan with the school logo
PE kit consists of:

  • white t-shirt or polo shirt
  • black shorts
  • black gym shoes



  • Uniform is available to buy via Border Embroideries (https://www.border-embroideries.co.uk/
  • Iron on badges for jumpers are available from the school office at the cost of £1.50
  • School ties are available from the school office at the cost of £5

Your child may be eligible for a Clothing Allowance to help pay for school uniform. Forms are available at the school office and in the Useful Info/ Key Documents tab. 

  • Indoor shoes are required for all pupils in school. This is largely due to the wet grassy areas in our school grounds. Please ensure your child has indoor shoes to change in to to help us keep our new carpets clean.


  • Pupils require a PE kit to be kept in school at all times. Teachers will send this home regularly for washing. PE kit is made up of black/ navy shorts (no logos) and a plain white t-shirt or yellow/ red/ blue t-shirt to represent house colour (no logos). Football strips and branded sportswear are not permitted and should not be sent to school.


  • Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled and identifiable.


  • Pupils without the necessary items above will be provided with them from our Cost of the School loan bank.  


  • Our Parent Council run a nearly new Uniform Shop which was set up in 2018/2019 using Cost of the School Day Funds. You can recycle uniform items which are no longer required. The Parent Council host regular opportunities to display and purchase (small donation/ honesty box) uniform. If you require something specific, please speak with the school office who can contact a Parent Council member.


  • Please do not allow your child to wear jewellery or accessories to school. We also request that make-up and nail polish are saved for parties outside of school and at weekends! 


  • Please refer to your Induction Rainbow Pack for full details about outdoor clothing and messy work!