Parent Council

We are fortunate to have a very active Parent Council at St David’s. 


The endless energy and hard work of this group has a huge impact on our school and makes such a significant difference for our learners. Thank you to all those who support our events in whatever way they can. If you wish to find out more about this group or offer your support, please speak to Mrs Jones in the School Office, make contact directly via Twitter (@stdavidsparentc) or join the Facebook Group (St David’s Primary School Parent Council).

Here are some of the highlights of this group from Session 2017/2018:


Christmas Fayre

The Parent Council Team worked tirelessly to plan and setup our Christmas Fayre which was a huge success, netting £1999 after costs! Thank you to all those who contributed, it was lovely to see new faces offering their time and support. Thank you also to all those who worked behind the scenes to organise the day and ensure everything ran perfectly!

Christmas Parties

The Parent Council also coordinated and ran all the children’s Christmas parties. These were great events which the children loved. Highlights included piñata’s, dance costumes and of course a visit from Santa!

Cinema Night

The children enjoyed their cinema nights coordinated by the Parent Council. Thank you to Lawfield Primary’s Parent Council for the loan of their cinema equipment. These proved to be very popular events and were hugely enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to the parent helpers who supported at these events.

Healthy Eating

The Parent Council successfully secured funding to promote Health Eating at St David’s. Mrs Garven and Mrs Winters, with the support of other parent helpers, expertly prepared, planned and delivered interactive workshops for all classes! These sessions were very successful. The Parent Council continues to support us to promote healthy eating and has purchased us an industrial smoothie maker, bread machine and contributed to the cost of a freezer.


Mrs Mitchell has supported Mrs Curle with our gardening and eco work this year. With support of funding from the Parent Council and lots of volunteers, we have established some very positive developments including lots of planting and growing.

Easter Bingo

A highlight of the Parent Council calendar with Mrs Jones taking centre stage as the caller! A great event for families to come together.


This was a huge success with 100% of our P5 pupils achieving Level 1. It was wonderful to see the pupil’s wheel around the playground and develop their confidence and skills. They all enjoyed the course, are proud of their achievements and celebrated their success at Bike Breakfast. Thanks to Dr Bike for supporting with bike checks and repairs and to Mrs Garven and Mrs Winters who have given a substantial amount of their own time to support individuals, small groups and the entire class! The children are looking forward to completing their Level 2 accreditation in Primary 6.

P7 Jumpers

The Parent Council generously purchased 29 Leavers Hoodies for P7. The children were thrilled with their hoodies and wore them with pride.

Communion Breakfast

This team planned, coordinated, decorated and prepared a fantastic spread in May for the P4 Communicants in the church hall.


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