What to bring

Messy Work

Lots of the experiences your child will have in school will be messy ones!  Please send them to school with an old shirt to use as a painting overall.

Outdoor Classroom

The pupils have plenty of opportunities to learn outdoors. Please ensure they come to school with appropriate footwear and a warm jacket. Wellies and over trousers are also useful in the poor weather as our grass area can become particularly wet and muddy!

Home Learning Folder

Your child will be given a Home Learning folder. This will fit easily inside their school bag. Please ensure that your child brings their folder every day.

Letters from school are also popped into school bags. 

Toys to School

As your child settles into Primary 1 they will be given lots of opportunities for playing with the early years’ resources. Please do not bring toys from home into school.

Mobile Devices

We understand that, particularly as pupils get older, mobile devices are an essential means of communication. Mobile devices must be switched off during the school day. If, for example in an emergency, a mobile device is needed to be used in the playground before or after school this should be done discreetly and photographs should not be taken. 

Pupils should hand their device into their Class Teacher upon arrival/ at the start of the school day (note devices are not permitted in Breakfast Club). All devices will be locked away for safe keeping. They will be returned to pupils at the end of the school day. Pupils are not permitted to carry mobile devices on school trips. 

The security of mobile devices is the responsibility of the pupil. The school is not insured for personal belongings and mobile devices are brought into school at the owner’s risk. 


Everyone loves a birthday and we like to hear about how you and your family celebrate. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any cakes (whether homemade or shop bought) to give out to pupils. If you would like to bring a treat to school to celebrate your child’s special day this must be in an individual sealed wrapper (Haribo mini bags or fun size bars of chocolate work well) and these can be given to pupils in the class at the end of the day for eating at home if their parent agrees. 

Please do not ask school staff to hand out party invitations. Party invites should be handed out before or after school discreetly in the playground to ensure no one feels left out. Unfortunately due to GDPR restrictions, we are unable to provide lists of children’s names for party invites.  


Please keep us up to date with any health or medical information. If your child requires special assistance or medication, please contact the school office. We are unable to accept any medication through the child’s school bag and require forms to be completed before being able to administer prescribed medication. You can read more about our Health Care Procedures by clicking on the Useful Info/ Key Documents tab above.