Home Learning


A better way to describe home learning might be ‘learning out of school’. Children learn a great deal at school; you can add to that learning by supporting them at home through reading together, writing, counting, talking about their learning and engaging them in out of school activities.


Showing an interest in home learning and talking to your child really helps them to learn. With support and encouragement, children find it easier to get into the home learning habit, take more responsibility and learn how to organise and manage their time. Homework is learning that children do for themselves, perhaps with the support of parents or other family members such as grandparents or older brothers/sisters.

There are a number of things you could try to help your child learn successfully:

  • Find out about their day. What happened? Every time you ask what they have done at school and listen to what they say, you help them to communicate better.
  • Help them to be organised and responsible. Have they got the right equipment and books before going to school? Check that their home learning is done. Encourage them to take ownership of these tasks
  • Share everyday activities. Involve them in planning a family event, journey or holiday. Get them to help with tasks around the house e.g. preparing the dinner.
  • Read together. Use the football results or a trip to the shops to discuss numbers and words.


Your child will get home learning tasks on a grid monthly.  Instructions from the teacher will be clear and you are encouraged to write feedback for the teacher. Normally, home learning will consist of a literacy activity, using flash cards or a pencil, a reading book and some simple counting. Home learning tasks should be short (approximately 5-10 minutes each day), suitable for your child and most importantly fun!


Physical activity and spending time outdoors is very important for your child’s development and wellbeing. St David’s offers a range of activities and clubs which run after school. Information is sent home each term in your child’s school bag. These range from sports clubs to outdoor to play to family fitness sessions.


For more top tips on home learning visit Parent Zone at https://education.gov.scot/parentzone/learning-at-home