House Captains

We are very proud of our House Captains and the work they do to support and improve our school. 

House Captains meet regularly to share:

  • the views of other children
  • discuss and review school improvement
  • their ideas and contributions to making St David’s a better place. 

If you have any comments or suggestions for the House Captains, please complete a slip and pop it in their Suggestions Box. 




You can see a copy of their meeting minutes by clicking on the links below. 

HC meeting 14 11 19


Our House Captains complete Learning Walks evaluating learning to support school improvement. They use the HGIOURS framework to inform these discussions. There are five themes they will visit across the year. 

Theme 1 Our relationships 
Theme 2 Our learning and teaching 
Theme 3 Our school and community 
Theme 4 Our health and wellbeing 
Theme 5 Our successes & achievements

Click below to see the summary of their views. 

CRICHTON Relationships Crichton 21 11 19


What is HGIOURS?

Supporting learner participation in self-evaluation and school improvement.

How good is OUR school? has been developed to support learner participation in school self-evaluation. It has been produced as result of engagement with schools, organisations and groups of children and young people across Scotland. By using the framework, children and young people can work with staff and partners in their school community to take responsibility for leading aspects of self-evaluation and contribute evidence to whole-school self-evaluation. The resource includes guidance for school staff and partners to support them to ensure the culture and ethos of their school promotes and underpins effective learner participation. It also contains a framework built around five themes that children and young people told us were important for them to have a say in.​​

You can read more about HGIOURS by clicking here: