P7 Summer Learning

Primary Seven have lots of fantastic and exciting things to look forward to this term! As it is our last term of primary school, we want to make it as special and memorable as possible!

We have an amazing trip to London planned at the beginning of June so we will get the chance to explore the famous sights like Big Ben and the London Eye, get a taste of London culture and even see some West End shows! Many of us are really looking forward to going to Harry Potter Studios! We are really excited to have this opportunity and can’t wait to make some super special memories.

Harry Potter Studios here we come!

Harry Potter Studios here we come!

We also have our long-awaited transition days at our high schools coming up. We will get the chance to meet some of our new classmates and build some new friendships, get to know the school and the teachers a bit better and we will be getting used to following timetables to get to our lessons. We are looking forward to this experience as we feel it will help us to feel more prepared for our move into secondary school.

We are really enjoying our learning so far this term too:

In Maths, we have been focusing on ‘Measurement’. We can now find the areas and perimeters of simple and compound shapes and have been applying this learning to real life problems. We have also revised telling the time and reading analogue and digital clocks. Our next step in measurement is to read and interpret timetables in order to help to prepare us for reading timetables when we go to High School. 

In Literacy, we have been focusing on developing our use of openers in our writing and learning to write simple, compound and complex sentences. Our next step is to improve the punctuation that we use across a range of writing genres.

We have been using Bug Club to help improve our reading comprehension. We get assigned different genres of texts regularly and have the opportunity to answer questions about the texts and develop our higher order thinking skills too. Bug Club is great because we can also use it at home to really challenge ourselves and make extra progress. Our next step in reading is to develop our own questioning skills using Bloom’s Taxonomy to challenge our own and our peers’ thinking. 

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