Food and farming trip at Dalkeith county park


Tuesday 26th may 2015

P3 and p5 were at a food and farming event at Dalkeith county park.There were a sheep bit, cow bit, tractor bit, a forest bit, tasting bit, dairy bit, SASA, forestry and cereals and machinery. We like these activities because all activities are really fun and get do lots of stuff like going in a tractor, touch a sheep, tasting stuff with a blind fold on,milk a pretend cow and learn lots of stuff about Farms. At the tasting thing sometimes you think that you don’t like the fruit that you taste but they do. There were things that help milk the cow so it’s quicker to milk them in the olden days they had to do it by hand. Not that much people new that you could make flower out of seeds with a thing that makes the thing flower in the olden days they had to use a stone and spin it round. When we were at a station some people got a tree for the school.

The tasting part people liked because people tried new were blind folded when your partner picked a fruit to give you.

People learned that horse power was how many horses that the tractor would power.

I think that their learning was really good.

The classes next step is to get in to groups.
By Callum and Dominik